Sam Demma

Sam Demma is a 19-year-old TEDx speaker, avid reader, co-founder of the social enterprise PickWaste & one of the top 25 under 25 environmentalists all throughout Canada. In addition, Sam is the youngest club member of an advanced toastmasters group and a connector for the league of innovators — a Canadian charity that is bridging the gap between youth and entrepreneurship. He strives to spread a simple but powerful message, that small consistent actions will lead to massive change.

Away from work, Sam loves dancing, experiencing different cultures, staying physically fit, and eating avocados.

Workshop Description for “Small Consistent Actions”

Embedded within every student is the power to make massive impact inside and outside of the classroom, but sometimes this potential goes untapped because “changing the world” or “changing your life” can often seem like a daunting task. But what if I told you that your idea of change was all wrong? What if the real secret to change and impact was small consistent actions and patience? In this workshop you’ll learn how to build bulletproof self-confidence, transform adversity into your advantage and start making an impact outside your school walls. This could be the first small step on your journey to impact.