Molly Kennedy

Molly is a nationally sought after Youth Motivational Speaker. She has dedicated the past 18 years to empowering today’s youth to be resilient and take charge of their future.

Molly grew up in a dysfunctional family with addiction, divorce, abuse, neglect, abandonment, suffered from an eating disorder, was suicidal and a runaway at 15 years old.

Molly ‘walks the walk’ when it comes to resiliency, grit and perseverance. She turned her pain into a purpose and has achieved many life goals. Some of these goals include becoming an author, Ironman Triathlete (140.6 miles), bodybuilding champion, and successful female youth motivational speaker. Molly has also earned her Master’s Degree, jumped out of an airplane and walked across fire.

Molly’s message empowers teens to overcome their obstacles, be successful and thrive! Teens and educators love her 100% clean humor and ability to truly connect with her audience.

Students often say, “Molly inspired me to change how I think about my life.”

Workshop Description for “Dude, I’m Awesome!”

Before we lead others, we must lead ourselves! Growth mindset meets its worst enemy, the “I’m not good enough or I’m not _______ enough monster.”
In this interactive workshop, participants take a deep dive to paradigm shift their way to improving their self-talk, increasing internal validation, and creating an unstoppable, empowering belief system. They will be able to apply what they learn to transform their limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs.

Time to divorce their story and marry the truth!

Delegate take-aways:

• Able to apply the ‘flip your 20’ method to EVERY aspect of their lives
• Recognize the why behind their ‘not good enough’ tapes and change their self-talk and perspective at ANY time