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The 4th Annual Ontario Student Leadership Spring Conference

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Joel Hilchey

Joel Hilchey profileLeadership expert Joel Hilchey is the founder of The Beanstalk Project, an organization offering schools and communities creative, project-based programs to get more students more involved. He teaches at McMaster University, and he has spoken at conferences, schools, and events across North America, inspiring character by juggling, storytelling, and playing with mousetraps.

Joel encourages students, educators, and other professionals to take more intelligent risks. A master’s degree in environmental engineering gives him a unique and holistic approach to problem solving and the creative process. Joel strives to create a generation of global citizens. He envisions people everywhere engaging in meaningful journeys in pursuit of a better world.

Abandon Expectations & Find Your Way
Joel’s workshops are famously engaging, dynamic and creative. This one uses music and sound to keep the energy high and the examples fresh.  You’ll get a better understanding of self-talk and a stronger will to contribute to others, so you’re sure to leave saying some very wonderful things.