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Joel Hilchey

Joel Hilchey profile

Joel Hilchey wants to change how people think about success, because too many people spend their time doing stuff they don’t really care about.

Joel thinks a lot about success, and he’s proud to be a true renaissance man. He earned a Master’s in environmental engineering, teaches sustainability at McMaster University, writes about leadership, and is often remembered as the speaker at conferences who juggles mousetraps. Mostly though, he tries to be a good dad, husband, and friend, so he only really works part-time.

In 2017, Joel earned his CSP(tm) (Certified Speaking Professional) designation – the speaking profession’s international measure of speaking experience and skill. The CSP(tm) designation indicates a proven track record of continuing speaking experience and expertise, as well as a commitment to ongoing education, outstanding client service, and ethical behavior.

Joel has two books – one that’s illustrated, and another one about becoming fearlessly creative. He founded a youth engagement initiative called The Beanstalk Project, is chair of the board of the world-renowned Hamilton Children’s Choir, and sang for 10 years in (arguably) Canada’s best barbershop quartet. He recently started taking circus classes, and he also loves to travel, cook, do yoga, and taste exotic foods, but that stuff is just for fun.

Workshop Description for “How To Lead Without Being Bossy”

Joel’s workshops are famously engaging, dynamic and creative. This one uses music and sound to keep the energy high and the examples fresh. You’ll get a better understanding of self-talk and a stronger will to contribute to others, so you’re sure to leave saying some very wonderful things.