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The 4th Annual Ontario Student Leadership Spring Conference

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Ian Tyson

Ian-Tyson_largeSince 1989, Ian Tyson has been entertaining and motivating students as a professional speaker across North America. An award winning comedian, Ian’s talks combine humorous anecdotes ranging from childhood to high school and beyond, with touching stories about making a difference. With his heart on his sleeve, and tongue-in-cheek, Ian’s infectious high energy will keep them laughing and thinking long after the lights go up.

Ian’s workshops are tailored to student leaders and allow them to help all of the students at their schools find the “hero” inside themselves. Ian’s unique insights and practical advice will help leaders to run more effective events the REACH all of the students in their schools by following the “Five R’s” (Reward, Reinforce, Recognition, Reach, Recruit). The workshops incorporate goal setting, project management, event marketing, getting donations and creative thinking to insure you walk away entertained and informed.