Emanuel Fletcher

Emanuel Headshot

Emanuel Fletcher is a youth mentor and speaker who is committed to sharing a message of self-value and inspiration to others. While growing up Emanuel has had the misfortune (and privilege) of experiencing many of the hardships that youth are still forced to deal with today.  A life of feeling rejected, abused and ridiculed led him down a self-destructive path in search of acceptance.Over the past eight years Emanuel has been mentoring and encouraging teens to redefine their sense of worth and potential. This all began in 2009 following an unintended overdose which nearly claimed young Emanuel’s life. Emanuel walked away from that experience believing he’d been given a second chance and at this began the process of taking initiative of his life and sharing with his fellow youth the importance of living a life fuelled by purpose.

What began as a local effort to inspire youth through his music eventually grew into a passion for speaking. Emanuel has been recognized as a positive youth leader having been invited to speak at a number of events and has received some acclaim for his music which has positively impacted the lives of tens of thousands of youth. Today he is married, has two beautiful daughters and still utilizes his gifts to help further his cause. Emanuel’s aim is to help adults reach their youth while helping youth reach their potential.

Workshop Description for “Desire Your Purpose, Consider Your Worth”

Formerly known as an at-risk youth, Emanuel’s life was forever changed by the benefits of finding his sense of purpose. Through the telling of his life story (such as his experiences with bullying, low self-esteem, overcoming adversity etc.) as well as an engaging use of rap and poetry, Emanuel delivers a motivational presentation to help students challenge their beliefs and develop a greater sense of worth and potential. Students will be given practical advice on how to overcome challenges, discover personal strengths and learn how they too can explore their own sense of purpose.