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The 4th Annual Ontario Student Leadership Spring Conference

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Dave Conlon

Dave ConlonDave Conlon was an activity director at the secondary school level for over 26 years. He has chaperoned over 120 dances and knows how to get a cow into the principal’s office. He is the Program Director for the Canadian Student Leadership Association (CSLA), prepares national newsletters, sells all the CSLA resources, maintains a leadership website, corresponds with CSLA members through a monthly e-letter and still manages to get his laps in the pool! As a newbie grandfather, he is excited to just stand on the sidewalk with his granddaughter and wave at the bus driver for kicks.

Student Workshop Description For “Make It Happen”
Students have the power to make things happen in their schools. This session will give you the basic outline to make it happen and will provide lots of ideas on what to do in your school. Dave Conlon is the activity guru of the Canadian Student Leadership Association and he has the sources to make your events successful.

Advisor Workshop Description For “$#*! Experienced Advisors Know”

There is stuff that you can only learn through experience because nobody is silly or sane enough to put it in a book for you. Dave Conlon is experienced enough to have survived success and tasted failure. This session will be for experienced and rookies alike because you can’t have failed at everything, yet.