Cory Chadwick

Cory Chadwick HeadshotCory Chadwick is the founder of The Personal Greatness Project, helping teenagers realize their potential as confident, resilient, self-empowered leaders, and thrive as their greatest authentic selves.

Having battled through hard times growing up, Cory knew he had a choice to make – a choice we all have to make – about who he wanted to be and what kind of life he wanted to live. He was determined to discover what he was capable of and live to his own potential, but first he had to learn to navigate life the right way.

He believes there’s something great inside each one of us just waiting to come out, and we’re capable of amazing things when it does. That belief led to Cory selling his successful business so he could commit to impacting lives and making a difference. He’s a proud husband and father, a passionate speaker, and mentor to teenagers who are ready to take the reins and make their mark on the world. Cory’s on a mission to inspire teens everywhere to discover their own personal greatness, and prepare them to win life their way.

Workshop Description for “Your Personal Greatness, and Living a Life That Matters”

We all have something great inside of us – whether it comes out or not is a different story. Living to your potential means different things to different people, but for every single one of us it means stepping into our greatest selves.

In his workshop, The Personal Greatness Project founder, Cory Chadwick shares his personal story of overcoming adversity, perseverance, failure, and success. He discusses the challenges of navigating life – discovering who you are, how you fit in, and where you’re headed next, while trying to realize your potential and succeed on your own terms.

Nobody’s going to hand you the life you want to live, and it’s not going to be easy. You’re going to face adversity but it’s up to you to make it happen anyway. With the right tools, skills, strategies, and understanding, you have the opportunity to lead, inspire, and own your life – a life you can be proud of – a life that matters.

Everything is a choice, including who you want to be and how you make your mark on the world. You can sell yourself short or you can step into your personal greatness and show us all what you’re here to do.

I’m here to show you how.