Brandon Love

Brandon Love is a magician, speaker, and coach. He helps people learn to change their thinking to become more creative and achieve the impossible. Combining his unique blend of awe-inspiring entertainment with experience-derived insights, Brandon creates an audience experience you won’t soon forget. He is a certified teacher, hypnotist, and author, having recently published his first book, a guide to becoming fearlessly creative.

Workshop Description For “Achieve The Impossible”

There’s almost nothing worse than a sticky set of assumptions. They are the foundation of many conflicts, they prevent us from learning and growing, and they keep us from reaching our goals. In this awe-inspiring presentation we’ll examine our assumptions and learn how to “unstick” them in ourselves. Combining breathtaking magic and storytelling Brandon demonstrates just how limiting our sticky minds can be. You’ll learn how to enjoy challenging your own assumptions, recognizing your greater potential, and taking the necessary steps to achieving your goals. Talking about learning is rarely this much fun!