Bob Kline

Bob discovered his passion for leadership when he co-founded his school’s grade nine orientation and mentorship program; a co-worker asked for help at a staff meeting and he stepped forward. Bob never imagined that he would stumble upon his kindred spirits in the Student Activities world; it just takes a moment for something wonderful to unfold. He now teaches a dynamite Leadership program involving over 150 students at Huron Heights Secondary School in Kitchener, Ontario. Bob’s students, the Huskies, were recognized three years in a row at the Ontario Student Leadership Conference for having the ‘Most School Spirit.’

Bob has spoken about what he calls ‘the human curriculum’ at school assemblies, professional development sessions, graduation ceremonies, a Gay-Straight Alliance conference, and most notably a powerful TED Talk called “Kids These Days.” His mission is to spread the good word about today’s positive school culture and to share what he has learned about developing young leaders.

Workshop Description for “Kids These Days”

It just takes a moment to shift your perspective – one word, one gesture, one action. In this workshop Bob will share the story of how moments of kindness showed him that most “kids these days” are more accepting of diversity and more caring than they have ever been. Bob’s blend of his own heartfelt storytelling with a guided personal reflection will inspire student leaders to see how moments of kindness define themselves and their generation.