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The 4th Annual Ontario Student Leadership Spring Conference

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Andy Thibodeau

Andy Thibodeau was called “Mr. School Spirit” by King’s at Western University when they named him alumni of the year in 2014. This passion for leadership and school spirit started in elementary school when Andy successfully ran for student council Vice President. From organizing dances in grade 8, pep rallies in high school and orientation week in University, Andy’s enthusiasm for youth leadership led to his unique career of inspiring students and staff across the continent.

Since 1992, Andy has delivered thousands of fun inspirational presentations to schools and conferences across North America. Over two million people have seen him speak in all 10 Canadian provinces, the Yukon and 40 US states. Each year over 160 schools, conferences and charities are IMPACTED by his messages.

Andy lives in his hometown of London with his wife and two daughters. He has his History degree on the dean’s honour list from King’s College at Western University. Andy empowers student leaders because he was always an active student leader: Student Council VP in elementary school, Student Council President at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary, and Orientation Week coordinator in University. A highlight of his student leadership career was when Much Music named his high school the “Most Spirited School in Canada” while he was president.

Workshop Description for “Rallies that Rock, Assemblies that Amaze”

From 1988 to 1989 at Laurier Secondary in London, our conference founder Stu Saunders and his friend Andy Thibodeau were student council executives. Together they organized a year of student activities, assemblies and pep rallies that had them named by Much Music as the most spirited school in Canada.

Andy gives away the ideas and strategies behind the ten rallies and assemblies they organized, complimented by new lessons from the hundreds of schools he has visited since 1992. The session is part pep rally, part workshop, and all of Andy’s energy, insight and spirit!

Workshop Description for “Can I Count On You?”

Execution of ideas is the number one challenge for young leaders organizing events. This session will immediately improve the ability of your team to work together and improve their organization skills.

This session addresses the concepts of time management from a unique perspective. Trust is the foundation for loving families, fun friendships, spirited students’ councils, successful businesses, and effective leaders. Yet people earn the trust of another by being reliable. Andy offers useful and immediately applicable advice for improving reliability. Through his insights, Andy demonstrates how increased reliability improves one’s time management, creates successful events, and inspires TRUST in leaders!

With all student leaders and teachers balancing their time between school, family and work commitments, this program can transform how your team organizes their priorities!