Amy Tepperman


Amy is a former digital animator and faculty member at Centennial College, who became engaged in public education in 2010 when she returned to her original childhood passion, dancing, and was given the opportunity to facilitate dance experiences with thousands of students and teachers across Ontario. Her learnings from these experiences have led her to becoming an expert in creating healthy, engaging learning environments using movement as a teaching tool in the most unexpected ways, from leadership and soft skill development to physical literacy and even math…yes, math! Along with her work in engaging youth leaders, Amy’s organization “Moving EDGEucation, supports schools and teachers in transforming their practice to integrate movement, well-being, creativity, and positive community into all different school subjects. Her work is being used in classrooms across the country, and been presented at many of the industries leading conferences including, The Canadian Association of Principals, Ontario Math Educators and International Physical Literacy Summit. She recently had a honour of speaking about her journey on the TEDx stage and is thrilled to share her passions here with future generations of leaders.

Workshop Description for “What Do Leadership and A Dance Party Have In Common?”

The ability to be a positive, “outside the box” thinker, to take risks, and interact well with others are some of the wonderful qualities the most successful leaders possess. Turns out, we all have these abilities within us though often our “inner critique” gets in our way of utilizing them.

In this interactive workshop you will discover what a simple dance party can teach us about these skills, where they go as we transition into young adulthood and how we can use them to build a more positive existence and healthier community. We won’t just talk about it, we’ll actually put it all into practice with a little GROOVE dance party of our own. No experience necessary cause on this dance floor it is impossible to get anything wrong.

All you need is an open mind and willingness to try. Imagine what the world would be like if we all had the courage to dance like no one is watching? Let’s find our inner GROOVE!